Interactive Park Games at Disney World


Interactive Park Games at Disney World

One of my favorite things about Disney World is how you get immersed into the magic when you're there. The Interactive Park games are no exception to that, and they are fun! Become a pirate and find treasure with Captain Jack on A Pirate's Adventure or test out your magic skills when you become Merlin's apprentice while playing Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom. Both of these interactive games are located in Magic Kingdom. Or you can earn badges in Animal Kingdom when your join the Wilderness Explorers. If your feeling extra sleuth-y you can become an OWCA Agent, like Agent P from Phineas & Ferb, and help thwart Dr Doofenshmirtz's plans with Agent P's World Showcase Adventure in Epcot. You can enjoy these four interactive park games at no additional cost! They're included with your park admission.

There are also seasonal interactive games you can play. Find the eggs for Eggstravaganza around World Showcase in the spring time. In the Fall you can find Remi, from Ratatouille, while playing Remi's Ratatouille Hide & Squeak, holding different ingredients around World Showcase during the Food & Wine Festival. These do have a small cost for them, as you will get a map with stickers for fill out as you walk around World Showcase. Turn in the map whether you complete it, or not, for a surprise! You can walk around and find the eggs, or Remi's, at no additional cost as you walk around World Showcase. There just wont be a map with stickers to keep, or a prize.

On my most recent Walt Disney World trip my almost 6 year old daughter and I decided to become secret agents, and travel around the world to help stop Doofenshmirtz. First we had to become agents so we walked up to the kiosk as you enter World Showcase at Epoct, and linked my smart phone to the program. Each mission takes 30-45 minutes and we chose to do our first mission in United Kingdom. Major Monogram and Carl sent us messages, and clues of where to go next, through my smart phone.

We went all over the United Kingdom following the clues, at one point my daughter went into iconic red phone booth and came out with a golf ball that she had to turn in somewhere else to get scanned. She was SO excited to do that as a secret agent, and I must admit that it was pretty awesome. Carl also reminded us throughout our mission to quickly move away from certain places so we didn't start seeming suspicious. Every time we got one of those reminders my daughter pulled me several feet away as quickly as she could! It was so magical to see her get so involved in to the cases, and so much fun to be able to do it with her. We're planning on doing even more missions on our next trip!