Welcome to our travel agency

Simply put, our main goal at As You Wish Vacations is to save you money and time while taking the stress out of planning your vacation. Let’s face it: with so many options to choose from and details to plan, things can get overwhelming quickly. But help is here! An As You Wish agent will assess your families’ needs and take care of everything, providing only the highest level of service. Check out the FAQ section to learn what exactly our services entail. Contact us today, and allow us to make your vacation wishes come true!


Guest Benefits

Expert Advice:

Our agents are, first and foremost, Disney aficionados. We know the Disney Destinations like the back of our hands.  We can impart this knowledge to our clients when it comes time to make decisions about their vacation plans.  Because there is so much specific and unique information that goes into planning for a Disney vacation or cruise, this really cuts down the amount of time that our guests need to spend researching, booking and planning their vacations.  We will help in all aspects of decision-making, from selecting the ideal resort for your families’ needs to choosing the perfect restaurants to eat in!

Concierge-level Service:

Our agents are here to provide you with seamless customer service. You will work one-on-one with the same agent from booking to completion of your vacation. This agent will meet all of your needs. You will form a relationship that will likely extend for many trips to come! This is a sharp contrast from the experience you would have if you completed the booking yourself. Say goodbye to long hold times, having a different agent each time you call, and unanswered questions and concerns while trying to navigate the planning process alone. Think of us as your personal concierge!

Discount Monitoring:

One of our primary goals is to get our clients the best deal possible, which we achieve through diligent discount monitoring. We know what promotions are out there, and if a new one is released we are among the first to know. You can rest assured that you will pay the lowest price for your vacation package when you book through us. Did you know that people who book their own vacations do not have the lowest price offered to them? Unless you know about a promotion and specifically ask for it or you are out of luck. Once your trip is booked it is your job to stay on top of new deals. Why not spare yourself the extra work and leave that to us?

The Total Package:

When you come to As You Wish Vacations, we take care of everything (so that you don’t have to!) There is a lot of work that goes into planning, and we want to relieve our guests of the burden! We will make your dining arrangements, study the crowd calendars and devise an itinerary to minimize wait times, put together your Disney “Must-Do’s”, based on your families’ make up and tastes, arrange for any magical extras you wish to experience, and so much more. And we are here for you during your vacation as well! Have a question? Need advice on the fly? You can count on us to come through for you.