Howdy as we say here in Texas

My name is Sammie or as my friends have nick named me Samarella.  That is because I was born to be a princess.  My grandchildren tell me when I grow up I am going to work for Disney as the Fairy Godmother, so that I can live there all the time.  They know me too well I think.  I have a very large family and all are huge Disney fans, with numerous trips to WDW and cruises on the awesome Disney cruise ships.


I have such a passion for Disney World that long before I became an official travel planner, I worked for friends and family helping them with all their Disney trips, so it was a very natural progression to pursue my love for Disney in an official capacity.


My desire is to find all my clients the trip of their dreams, one that is very personalized to their needs and budget.  I have become especially versed at the needs of the handicapped community.  If you have a special needs child or adult, I can answer most of those questions you may have been thinking of and maybe some you have not.


As a travel planner here at As You Wish Vacations, I am very excited to help you plan your perfect vacation at no additional cost to you for my service.


I am a proud graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge training program for agents.

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