My name is Christina and I love planning Disney vacations! I have always loved Disney. Beauty and the Beast was my first movie in the theaters and is still my favorite. Growing up, I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland every year with my family in addition to several trips to Walt Disney World. I was truly bitten by the Disney planning bug when I got to plan my first parent-free trip to Walt Disney World, which was my high school graduation gift. From that point on, all I could do was think about when I could get back and what I would do when I got there. I would plan trips a few months, a few years, and a few fantasies away. I found myself putting together guidebooks, tip sheets and touring plans for anyone I knew who was going.

I have a background in Programs and Events Management and have always loved truly getting to know my clients and creating an event that they not only love, but that serves as a reflection of them and that is what I aim to do with your vacation. While I think having a plan in the parks is important, it’s equally important to enjoy the moment and don’t get caught up in worrying about what’s next; some of the best memories are unplanned.

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