My name is Carol and I have been in love with Walt Disney World since I was a toddler.  I was lucky enough growing up to be able to go to the Magic Kingdom nearly every year.  I have wonderful memories of eating dinner in the Castle, riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time, and seeing my Dad so excited when we went to EPCOT a few months after it opened.  I even went to Disney World on my Honeymoon because I couldn’t wait to share it with my husband (he had only ever been once!)  I got him hooked and now we have gone back many times with our 2 girls.

I have enjoyed staying in many of the Disney resorts and eaten at dozens of the restaurants.    I love sharing what I have learned over the years, which I why I became a Disney Vacation planner.  Helping people make wonderful memories on Disney vacations is my true passion.  I am also a bargain hunter, so I am committed to finding the best deals for others when it comes to helping people plan their dream Disney vacation.  And at no extra cost to you!

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