Epcot’s Frozen Ever After – Is it worth the wait?

20160827_163446I’ll admit, I was a diehard Maelstrom fan and when I heard the news that the classic Epcot ride would be converted to a Frozen-themed attraction, I was less than enthusiastic. How could Disney take away the crown jewel of Norway’s pavilion? Would the Frozen craze ever end? Even with my initial dismay, in true Disney addict fashion, I finally decided to try out the new Frozen Ever After and check it out for myself.

Armed with my margarita from the Mexico pavilion, my family and I strolled up to Norway to discover a 90 (yes, 90!) minute wait for Frozen Ever After. Of course I had made multiple failed attempts at a FastPass, so the moment of truth came…do we subject ourselves to this 90 minute adventure or pass for next time. The decision was made for me when my five-year-old daughter essentially went fangirl when she saw the sign. There was no turning back now. My husband, two kids (five and three years), and myself took a deep breath and headed into the queue. I know what you are thinking; what a brave (or insane?) woman to bring two children under the age of five into a 90 minute wait.

When we entered the line, we were greeted by a small room that appeared to by Kristoff’s home. There were portraits of Kristoff and Sven as well as some ice paraphernalia. The line curled around to what appeared to be the entrance into a kingdom, where we are told that we are invited to a Summer Snow Day Celebration which honors the day that Princess Anna saved her sister, Queen Elsa, with an unselfish act of true love. What fun!

The queue continues into a beautiful village in Arendelle, where a guest can see Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna and even hear a “Yoo-Hoo!” coming from the sauna itself. The line moved consistently and my kids survived despite a full wait time of approximately 70 minutes. We boarded the boat and were whisked into a fun Summer Snow Day Celebration of our favorite Frozen characters, with even a few surprises thrown into the mix! I do not want to spoil the ride, but I can say that my whole family enjoyed it. This attraction will definitely be one that I will reserve a precious FastPass for, and even wait in line (which is a big deal because anything over 30 minutes seems an eternity) for, in the future. It is a must-do in Epcot’s World Showcase for both the Frozen lover or Frozen skeptic!

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