Walt Disney World Tours


Have you found yourself walking through the parks asking yourself, how do the cast members get around so quickly? What is it like to work at Disney? How do they keep the parks so clean? Or how did Walt dream up all this magic? All of these questions and many more can be answered when you take the Keys to the Kingdom tour at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park.My husband and I decided to take this tour for our 5th wedding anniversary. This 5-hour, in-depth tour of the Magic Kingdom highlights some of the history of Walt Disney and how it came to be, provides you with a peek inside the secret tunnels the cast members use to move around quickly within the park, highlights hidden mickeys, and so much more.

To start your tour, a cast member greets you in an assigned location and takes you to various areas of the park. Throughout this walking tour, the guide shares special stories about the creation of attractions, providing interesting and little known Disney facts and answering many questions from the tour attendees. Towards the end of the tour, we dined at the Liberty Tree Tavern and then got to jump to the head of the line for a ride. We got to ride the Jungle Cruise but the ride changes daily. Our goal of the tour was to get an inside peek at Disney without knowing “too much” to spoil the magic for us, and it more than met our expectations. If anything, it made us hungry for more. This is the perfect tour for the ultimate Disney lover. Please note that park admission is required and an additional fee is charged for the tour. Disney also offers a variety of other tours in their parks. Taking a tour is not only a great way to learn more about how the theme parks operate but to experience Disney on another whole level. Some of the other tours offered by Disney are listed below:

Disney’s behind the magic of steam trains Magic Kingdom Disney’s family tour Magic Kingdom Behind the Seeds Tour The Land- Epcot Dolphins In Depth Living Seas- Epcot Epcot Dive Quest Living Seas- Epcot Wild Africa Trek Animal Kingdom Sunrise or Night Safari Animal Kingdom

Please note tours are subject to change at any time. For more information on tours that Disney offers or to book one for your next Disney vacation, contact me at richele@aywvacations.com.

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