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Today brought some interesting news regarding a new policy that Disney Resorts has put into place. This policy pertains to which stroller-rental companies Disney will allow to deliver to it’s onsite resorts. This policy will not only pertain to strollers, but also to cribs, high-chairs, car seats or any other rental item that folks regularly schedule deliveries for. This practice is fairly common, as folks don’t want to go without the comforts of home during their resorts stays. Most common are the jogging strollers that are superior to the Disney rentals (and for a fraction of the cost). You will commonly see them in the theme parks, and can tell they are rented from the accompanying family name tags. The resorts have always made it easy for the rental companies to leave and pick-up the items, storing them until guests have checked in and come to claim their items, as well as keeping them safe upon their departure (until the rental company returns to retrieve them).

So moving forward, the only companies that will be allowed to deliver to bell services at the resorts are:

• Orlando Stroller Rentals • Magic Strollers • Kingdom Strollers

I have personally used all three of these companies. I found them all to be great, although Orlando Stroller Rentals has been the most reliable for me and is now my go-to company.

Just to be clear, you may still bring strollers from ANY local rental company into the parks, this is simply a limitation on who may leave items with bell services. I’m assuming that this change was prompted by incidents of some nature that resulted in a problem or hassle for the resorts. I’m curious as to what the cause was ~ but for now this is all the info I have!

So moving forward, if you want the convenience of delivery and storage, make sure you order from one of these approved companies ... Walt-Disney-World-Disney-characters

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