Carsland and Radiator Springs Racers in Disney’s California Adventure


Recently, my husband and I made a trip out to Disneyland in California for the first time in 5 years. Walt Disney World is our usual vacation destination. On our first morning in California we headed straight for Disney’s California Adventure to see what we had really come to see, Carsland!! We arrived about 30 minutes prior to opening and waited at the rope by Carthay Circle Theater Restaurant. As soon as they let us, we walked quickly through Carsland and entered the line for Radiator Springs Racers.

FYI: The ride system is built like Test Track in Epcot, thrilling and at times fast, but not like being on a roller coaster.

Remember the part in the movie when Mater and Sally ride through the outskirts of Radiator Springs? Well, that’s how this ride starts! You travel past the waterfall and drift through the desert while listening to the famous Cars soundtrack… that’s right, you are IN the movie!!

In the middle part of the ride you enter the town of Radiator Springs at night. You get to see all your favorite characters from the movie up close and personal! Finally you get ready to race against another car. Just like at the end of Test Track, you take off! Going about 60 miles an hour past some pretty hefty curves it really amps up the adrenaline. Wow! That felt great!!

After leaving Racers, we decided to do a bit more exploring of Carsland and we landed in our next favorite spot, the Cozy Cone Motel.

Each of the cones has special snacks you can purchase.

My favorite hands down is Red’s Apple Freeze. It’s like a frozen caramel apple drink!! It may not look like much, but it really packs in the flavor. laura blog 5

Our morning at Carsland was very magical!!