Disney on a budget:


I love Disneyworld and being that I live in Florida I tend to go about 6 times a year. You may wonder how I can do that. There are a few things I have found that help to make these trips happen without spending a lot of money. * I have a separate savings account just for Disney-related vacations. I take a small amount of money and deposit it into this account each month. * I try to visit Disney during the slower crowd times, when the rates for rooms tend to be lower. Your travel agent can help you find these better rates by sharing the off-peak weeks with you. * I tend to go for shorter vacations and that way I go more often. * I ask for Disney Gift Cards for birthdays and holidays and put them aside to use later. * I have a Chase Disney Visa card and use it for things like groceries and gas. This earns me rewards which can be transferred to a rewards card and used anywhere at the parks. * I eat my breakfast in the room. I bring cereal and other packable items. Now that rooms at the Disney Resort have small refrigerators it is easy to bring along items for meals or snacks. Even going shopping at a local grocery and using the room refrigerator will save you money. There are also delivery services that will shop for you and drop the items off at your hotel for a small fee. * Being a Seasonal or Annual Passholder can save you money if you go often enough. * Using Disney’s Magical Express and then Disney transportation is another way to save money if flying into Orlando. No need to rent a car and pay for the gas or parking. * It is good to compare all the dining plans and offers. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is more money than you would normally spend on food.Contacting your travel agent can help you when making this decision.

That is Disney on a budget for me, hopefully you will find this helpful to you.

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