Importance of booking far enough in advance

I get asked a lot, "how far in advance should I book a vacation?"  and I reply with "the sooner the better".  Of course we all hear about last minute deals and what-not and for some people those can work out really well, but not everyone can take off at a moments notice or you may have specifics about your vacation needs that can just not be accommodated by the last minute deal offerings so planning enough ahead can be a much better plan.

For most people 6-9 months out would be optimal time to allow for vacation planning, you will have a better chance of getting that stateroom you want on the cruise or that perfect room category at the resort you want, especially if you are planning on traveling during peak times (i.e. holidays and summer), a lot of times the most preferred rooms will already be booked if you wait too long and then you will be "stuck" at your second or third choice resort.  Another thing to consider is discounts, a lot of times, especially with a Disney vacation, the resort will offer a promotion but the booking window is limited, so if you do not book within that window, which is usually months out, you will miss out in the promotion.  Of course booking a bit out could also cause the problem of no promotions being offered, which is a valid reason to wait it out and see what happens.  However, many vendors will allow you to book a vacation for the future and if/when a promotion does come out will let you apply the discount to your already booked vacation.  Now some times there may be restrictions and such but that is where your travel planner (i.e As You Wish Vacations) comes in and handles everything for you!

Speaking Disney specifically, another big advantage of booking 6+ months out is dining!!!  Guests can begin making dining reservations 180 days out, and most do.  So, to ensure you get the restaurants and the times you desire it is crucial to get those made as close to the 180 day mark as possible.  Again, this is what is great about using As You Wish Vacations for your planning needs, we keep track of that 180 day mark and get to your dining reservations immediately once that day comes and make those reservations for you so you will not have to worry about missing out!

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