Why I Do What I Do

Sometimes I think to myself, or people will ask me "Why do you do this? Why do I put so much effort in to other people's vacations?" Well it is simple: I love to vacation. I love to travel anywhere I can go. I love to learn. I love for my children to be well educated in everything I can expose them to. And mostly I love to share my experiences to others. So for all those reasons I do what I do!
 I know how important a family vacation can be, you save over the year so you can treat your family to something really special.  You want to plan the perfect vacation and once it is over you want to have the feeling of "WOW, we are going to remember this our whole lives."  It can be overwhelming to do all the brainstorming, and then all the research and calculating the numbers, to only wonder  "Am I doing this right?" "Did I get the best deal?" Then you start doubting yourself and think, the heck with it, we will just go to the local water park this year and do something grand next year so we have more time to plan.  Next year rolls along and the same exact thing happens over again!
You likely think that you have to do all the work yourself because you do not want to incur an addition expense by 'hiring' a travel agent, but in fact the opposite is true. I have the knowledge to find you the very best deals and quickly, I do this all the time and have access to special pricing and or promotions immediately. And the great part for you is you do not pay me any extra, I get paid by the vendors.  They appreciate me bringing them the business and compensate accordingly. It is a win/win for everyone!
This is why I do what I do, so you CAN go on that dream vacation NOW!  I have the expertise and the resources to do all the work for you so all you have to do is enjoy making memories with your family.  I love the feeling of making vacations come to life, I cherish my own family's vacations so I know how important it is to you. If I haven't so already, I hope I get the chance to show you why I do what I do, and if I already have, I hope to show you again in the near future!

Happy Travels!

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